Various Kinds of Insurance and The Insight

We'll share all sorts of insurance, so that you will be a little aware of the several types of insurance that exist . In the insurance world , there are various types of insurance .Obviously with the workings and requirements are different .So here I will give information Types of Insurance for you, so you will know and understand more of each type of insurance .
Here she Various Kinds of Insurance You Need to Know 1. Business Insurance Business insurance is insurance where the insurer insurance separately with the recipient . The insurer has an agreement with the receiving party insurance in lieu of a fixed installment . That is by way of an agreement with the majority of people who are often faced with things that are dangerous . By agreement the insurance company will give them a certain amount of cash as compensation for each member affected by hazards that have been entered in the list that has been insured . Between the donor and recipient insurance in this case , there is i…

Definition of Accident on Accident Insurance

This time we want to share a little bit of accident insurance .In the accident, there are some specific points that must be fulfilled in order to claim accident insurance is legitimate.Usually, insurers have a definition of their responsibility to be an accident .Definition of " ACCIDENT " in the Personal Accident Insurance , must meet the nine (9 ) factors presented below :
1. That the arrival of accident happens to be the source of a sudden , even though its probably due to emerging / feels / occur some time after the accident occurred .Usually in the policy conditions have been set waiting period or Waiting Period for 12 months , so if the onset of Death or Permanent Invalidity Accidental guaranteed that the new policy occur or occur within 12 months after the accident , it is still covered by the insurance. 2. Source of accidents must come from outside . It aims to be able to distinguish the causes of accidents that come from within man , for example disease . 3. Arriva…

Traditional Life Insurance Products

Image by The life insurance Indonesia products consist of two main types: traditional life insurance and unit-linked insurance account. I will discuss financial results of three types of traditional insurance in Indonesia. Three traditional types of life insurance Traditional life insurance consists of three types of long-term insurance (Termlife), life insurance (of Wholelife) and endowment insurance (staffing). Here is an explanation of the three types of traditional life insurance. Insurance Termlife (futures) As its name suggests Termlife insurance (long-term), this traditional life insurance provides protection for a period of tertetu. Characteristic is the presence of Termlife specific time period insurance and if it does not there will not refund premium payment of benefits or insurance money. Termlife insurance premiums life insurance more traditional low and coverage is quite large sums of money. Termlife life insurance has no cash. If the …

Tips On Choosing Insurance Education

Image by Children are a precious treasure for parents, so they always try to do my best for the child. Of course, the education of children is a major concern for parents. Meanwhile, the fact that education costs always increase over time. In response, the education of children should be well planned from the outset to ensure tuition of the child. Education insurance is a wise solution for this, you do not need to argue with the cost of attending school or college kids in the future. Then, with the assurance of education if an accident occurred while befall you, but education can still continue. Of course, before you decide to choose insurance there are several things you must do: Learn an insurance agent first. Important step you need to do when trying to choose an insurance agent is to learn to do these companies first. You need to find the company's reputation by doing a search on Google search engine. Having discovered and started to believe in the ins…

Types Of Insurance

Image by Generally, Indonesia, two (2) types of insurance, the insurance is traditional insurance and non-traditional. Let us refer to further discussion. Traditional insurance Definition of life insurance (life insurance policy) policies by definition LOMA (Life Office Management Association) is: "Life insurance policy (life insurance) is a policy in the policy where the insurer agrees to pay benefits for the death of the insured / insured." Traditional insurance also has a variety of types, each of which will be explained as follows: 1. Life insurance (long-term) Term insurance provides protection in a limited time. Protection can be as short trip tickets between Jakarta and Semarang for less than two hours or as long as 20 years. Typically, there is a period of insurance coverage. In addition, if there is no risk, the insurance money is not returned or canceled. This type of insurance is the cheapest among the other insurance premiums. The cover can b…

Insurance Agents, Hated People?

Image by Often when I am recruiting people to join the life insurance business, an objection perceptions they become an insurance agent hated person raised. Some even say, friends avoided friends. Is it really like that?. Any situation can occur in all professions. Whether it is a car salesman, marketing of the bank, and a host of other professions. To be loved or hated not having to go through a profession. Because sikaplah determines someone to be hated or avoided friends. The good news, too, which determine the attitude of a person can be loved by others. Predominates on the mind, own perception of the agent of the situation. For me the sale of life insurance is a good product to sell. Life insurance products is part of the financial plan of the family. Even if a friend or prospect will not buy, they do not reject me personally. But because they do not understand the importance of the product. They did not open their heart to receive a draft financial plan. Eve…

How Does It Work Life Insurance

Image by Life insurance often get negative or bad news because over payments / claims. Most people do not see the actual operation of life insurance. Most people are more interested in the facilities, incentives can voucher discounts, good hotel / resort in particular, gifts, or anything else. It may be because they believe that all insurance companies are the same. Life insurance is that we have an umbrella. When it rains, the umbrella is very useful if not ... yahh did not like how? umbrella in our assets would be very useful, because we do not know when the rain will fall .. at least we had taken the precaution (essentially an umbrella when it rains, it is available). Someone offers to buy a life insurance policy while attending the funeral of his friend, he saw how useful, the benefits of providing life insurance check. What if his friend did not take politics ... How future wife and young children lose their source of income .. especially because there are…